What Are Transponder Keys & Who Can Cut Them?

As car theft levels have increased, car manufacturers have introduced transponder keys for many of their newly released vehicles. While this is great news in terms of reducing crime levels, vehicle owner knowledge about this key type remains limited. As Auckland automotive locksmiths, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in supplying transponder keys for our customers. Today it’s time for us to share that knowledge with you.

What Are Transponder Keys & How Do They Work?

With the introduction of transponder car keys from around 1995, car owners have enjoyed the increased levels of security they brought. It’s time though, that the mystery around how these special keys work is understood by everyone.

A transponder key contains a small coded transponder or microchip within the plastic casing of the key. Each transponder has a unique serial number which is coded to a specific receiver or ECU (electronic control unit). In a vehicle which has a transponder key, the receiver can usually be found close to the ignition.

Using radio frequency identification (RFID), the transponder sends its serial number to the receiver. The RFID is very low powered, so the key must be in close proximity to the receiver in order for it to confirm that it too is programmed with the same serial number. If so, the ignition will start when the key is turned.

Use of a transponder key prevents a thief hotwiring that vehicle, as without the correct key being present, the engine will not start. Also, if the transponder chip is damaged or missing, the engine will also not start.

Who Can Cut Transponder Keys?

If you are in need of a new key cut and coded, see an transponder key locksmith such as ourselves first. Not only do we have the same equipment and skills required to replace and program your key that a car dealership has, we are far more affordable too! Our automotive locksmiths use specialised precision tools to create the cut of the key. They then duplicate the code within the transponder by either cloning or programming it.

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